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Github1s is a hot new open source project that allows you to browse Github repositories in a VSCode-like UI right in your browser.

Like $GME, Github1s is a project that seemingly blew up overnight (literally). Developed by @conwnet, this project aims to be an extremely fast way to load up any Github project in “one second” with the same feel as if you opened it up locally on VSCode.

Now, you might be wondering why would anyone need this when you can just browse the repository on Github website or clone the project yourself?

The Good

If you’re like me, the Github website just doesn’t beat the snappiness of opening any codebase in an editor, like VSCode. The need to go back and forth to…

Dynamic code analysis of Vimeo Video Downloader reveals major security risks.

In the previous post, I mainly went through the code to understand what was going on on a syntactic level. Now that I’ve done some actual runs let’s see what this code does.

2021 Update

Since my last update, it seems that I was hit with a malicious extension attack. This time, it is a prevalent extension called The Great Suspender. As outlined in this Github issue, ownership of the extension was transferred to an unknown party. The new owners made some updates to the extension that were not seen in the open-source version stored on Github. …

Chrome extensions have always been a major selling point for the browser. However, some developed them to snoop on everyday users.

Since Chrome v9, Chrome extensions have been a core part of the browser’s functionality powered by the browser’s comprehensive extensions API. The sheer size of the Chrome Web Store with over 190,000 extensions/web apps and over 1.2 billion installs is a testament to how successful this launch was. Extensions add a wide range of possible capabilities and can be installed in seconds from the Chrome Web Store. Some extensions such as LastPass, uBlock Origin, Tampermonkey, and more have enjoyed immense success on the platform. Smaller independent developers, like myself, are also able to develop themes and extensions all with a…

Sharing some of my tips on how to get featured on ProductHunt.

November 3rd, arguably the most important date in US history — well only every 4 years. But this year, it is especially important. This year, the people metaphorically went out in droves to vote for their beliefs, for their families, and their future. And the results have shown.

Conceptually, a singleton bean is rather simple to understand. However, in certain situations, this unsuspecting class could transpire to days of debugging.

Beanful photo by

A Spring bean. Sounds relatively harmless, doesn’t it? What if I told you that this could be the source of many headaches in web servers, especially if you are new to Spring development. However, if you’re a more seasoned Java developer, then you would be aware of the restless nights debugging your code for hours only to discover that the dreaded bug was a race condition.

What is a Race Condition?

In short, a race condition is when we have simultaneous access from multiple threads/processes on the same resource without some mechanism to process the requests synchronously. …

I just wanted some food, but it led me to write this blog post.

What is it?

Having been around since 2002, Clickjacking or “UI redressing” is a technique that utilizes multiple opaque or transparent layers, usually iframes, to trick users into clicking buttons or entering information without any malicious intent. In turn, the content rendered in these frames could lead to malicious content on another page (masking as a legitimate download site, banking site, etc.) Typically, these attacks are carried out by those who own the domain and set up a website for malicious purposes. The other way that this type of attack can work is if an attacker takes over an expired domain or the…

COBOL is the past, present, and future.

Hey you.

Do you wanna be a software engineer?

Do you wanna work with one of the most in-demand and bleeding-edge technologies out there?

Do you wanna create lots of POSITIVE IMPACT and SOCIAL CHANGE?

Do you wanna live life in the fast lane?

Well, I got the language for you if you wanna dance like it’s 1959 again. Introducing COBOL, the language that makes C look like child’s play.

What is it?

COBOL, or Common Business-Oriented Language, is a highly-verbose compiled language designed to run on mainframes powered by operating systems like z/OS from IBM. Designed in 1959, it was heavily inspired…

Credits to Mario Gogh.

It’s July. Five weeks into your internship. You’ve done a lot of the touristy and fun things in Seattle where you are now sitting on your bed, scrolling through the Amazon slack to find stuff to do.

You stop at “Entrepreneurial Intern Event @ Pioneer Square Labs” and think, this is something new. And in bold, food and drinks provided.

Are Meetups Pointless?

You know I’m always down for anything that is remotely associated with any free food and drink. With nothing else scheduled, this doesn’t seem too bad of an event to attend. It would probably just consist of a bunch of…

After making a substantial amount of edits for my last post which totaled 3 months of on and off work, I thought that it would be the perfect time to finally post it on Medium. Medium has always been the one place where many go to read posts about various topics from self-improvement to economics and, the most important of all, software. The platform has manifested itself into a great source of knowledge filled with tutorials, discussions, and opinions from various developers in the industry. …

A crash course on x86 to make it less scary.

So, you want to learn x86? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

PS: Please excuse the bad drawings. I did my best only having a trackpad for drawing.

This is by no means an exhaustive guide for all there is to know for x86, but hopefully, it will be a comprehensive overview of the most important parts of the language.

  1. Why?: My reason for writing this in the first place.
  2. What?: Honestly, what is this?
  3. Program Components: What are the parts of a typical program?
  4. Instructions: The types of instructions that exist.
  5. Dereferencing: Obtaining values from a given memory…

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Software Engineer @ AWS | Security Enthusiast | Author of Cirrus CSS | Studying Cloud and ML

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